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Cotton velveteen
Today people’s demand for apparel fabric is not only the elegant appearance, but also the health and comfort. The appearance of the “cotton velveteen” in the Cotton and clothcenter this spring immediately attracted the masses love

Sticky cotton
Sticky cotton velveteen products with full environmental protection, high color fastness, bright color quality, hair fullness, softness, clear stripes and flexibility is the reason why it’s more popular.

Stretch velveteen
Stretch velveteen and yarn dyed flannel is suitable for women and children’s coat in the spring and fall. These clothes with kinds of animals, flowers and fairy tale images are attractive to customers.

Embossed cloth
Embossed cloth is used for the production of home textiles, apparels, crafts, embroidery and other products. As living standards improve, we are not just limited to the style, but more focus on comfort.Thebest choice is moldings velveteen.

cotton velveteen
Now many senior clothing, suits and dresses are made of polyester cotton velveteen. The material is plump, smooth, soft luster, wearable and durable, warm and flexible, not easy to wrinkle.
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